Experts have revealed that this year we will consider content as the ‘king,’ something that they’ve used to explain how content will shape the current and future trends of the online marketing and branding processes. Citing Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs’s October 2013 study, Yahoo! Finance said that B2B marketers are relying on content to increase brand awareness and inbound traffic and sales. “Though the industry is still in the early adoption phase of content marketing, it’s clear that many are seeing success and are continuing to increase their tactics and devote more resources and budgets to producing great content experiences,” said Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute.

In this entry, we’ll stress how content marketing can boost your brand.

Content always goes viral

Content, whether article, video, or infographic, always have the tendency to trend online, especially if it’s very interesting and engaging. Branding experts from Let’s Get Wise posted on Twitter a Forbes article, outlining seven reasons why content goes viral. Here’s why taking advantage of these reasons paves the way for a wide brand adoption:

· People crave for knowledge

Forbes writer Glenn Llopic said that consumers must perceive you as their ‘knowledge-enabler,” or the bearer of new insights, information, and news. By knowing what readers follow, you’ll be able to design your content marketing strategy after their needs and wants.

· Emotional connection

Content always serves as the human face of a company. Llopic reiterates the importance of a genuine connection, wherein your articles will help them overcome their daily problems. This mental imagery is employed by big names such as Apple, wherein they sell their content as solutions and representations of what life should be like – simple and purposeful.

Email newsletters

Despite social media becoming one of the best platform for online marketing, there’s no denying that email newsletters still has its own share of strengths. Some email subscribers still have the habit of checking their emails daily. In Brick Marketing’s words: “many people only use social media to connect with friends and family, not businesses. Email newsletters continue to be a good method of communication.”

Take note, however, that the key to a successful email newsletter marketing campaign is testing. Aside from the email body itself, AB testing must be done to ensure your email greeting, subject line, pitches, and the closing remark are effective and well-executed.

“A picture paints a thousand words”

Image-based content is becoming one of the norms in brand awareness. With the popularity of image-sharing platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, uploading a photo became indicative of a label’s ideal and visions, on top of its products.

· Instagram

Heidi Cohen notes that 5% of the biggest labels post an average of 50 marketing photos per month. She recommends maximizing an editorial calendar, which is integrated in your Instagram account. This allows you to determine the type of branded content that resonates with your followers.

· Snapchat

A photo messaging platform, Snapchat is ideal for rewarding patrons with mobile coupons. By giving incentives, patrons will be able to view you as a brand with lots of freebies, thus increasing the chance for returning customers. However, take note that this platform only allows images to be viewed under a strict 10-second limit.

Blogging: The Heart of Content Marketing

Ad Solutions notes that blogging is the bread and butter of content marketing. In the United States alone, there are more than 140 million blog readers. With blogging, it’s easy to focus and compete with larger publications by producing massive helpful articles. Take note that focus plays a vital part here, allowing you to center your pieces into your company’s specific niche. By offering genuine insights, your readers will be able to perceive you as an industry expert.

Video-based content

A November 2013 QuickSprout survey said that a video can do more than still photos. Videos enhance your public image in two ways:

· Loyalty

A video-based post-sale content allows you to keep your relationship with your patrons active and valuable. Whether it’s a 30-second sneak peek or a full-length motion picture, it exudes three qualities that turn loyal fans into certified brand advocates – viral, popularity, and emotion.

· Engagement

A compelling video allows your site visitors to stay on your page. With proper use of visual storytelling, it encourages them to browse your entire video catalog. This is considered as one of the most guided principles of content marketing, wherein customers value relevant and engaging content.

Indeed, there are unlimited opportunities offered by content marketing. Which of these is the most effective tool for your business?