What was the hot important technologies at SXSW this year? (Beyond the first implementation of the Little Bird API in partnership with Waggener Edstrom, that is!) Was it Space or 3D printing? Those were high profile, but they weren’t the most actionable of hot trends there, according to Jeremiah Owyang and Chris Silva, leading tech and marketing industry analysts at Altimeter. They wrote a blog post today titled Altimeter’s Take: The Technologies That Matter from SXSW 2013. (For context, Owyang is watched by leading analysts like Gartner, Forrester, Mike Gualtieri and James Governor; Silva’s watched by top analysts like Jonathan L. Yarmis, Michael Fauscette and Barbara French.)

I liked their thoughtful take on things in their post, but thought that anyone interested in the top trends they identified could use some help figuring out where to start learning more about these technologies.

That’s the kind of information that Trier and Company surfaces, if you’re learning about something new – we’ll help you cut right to the heart of the conversations and engage with the most influential experts in that field so that your product, your company – can shine in the limelight.

So here are the 5 important technologies that Altimeter said they saw get traction and that they advised their readers in corporate marketing to consider watching or investing in, followed by one leading and one emerging influencer in that field that you can check out if you want to learn more about these topics.

Gesture Based Interfaces

Altimeter: “They key to this disruption taking hold is developer support.”
Check out Evoluce and GestureDB.org (GestureDB is emerging now and looks awesome!).

Near Field Communications (NFC)

Altimeter: “Companies with NFC-enabled products hawked them hard – see Samsung entry below – but users’ have yet to process the idea that, beyond payments, using NFC as an event control point or trigger can usher in instrumented environments. This is a key Android differentiator that we’d like to see more manufacturers support.”
Top sources in NFC include the publications NFC World, Practical NFC and Pierre Metivier.

Collaborative Economy

Altimeter: “We’ll see many, many more of these services before the market shakes out.”
This is a big research area for Owyang and it’s something we’re really intrigued about here at Trier and Company as well. The top person in that field, according to our social graph research so far, is Rachel Botsman and an important organization emerging is the lobbyist group Collaborative Economy Coalition.

Augmented Reality

Altimeter: “We’re bullish on Google Glass and, while we’ve not yet received our Explorer units to demo, we think the market will be very receptive to technology that augments daily tasks and does it in a lightweight way. We see a market emerging for AR-centric content and interactions and brands should be ready to play.”
Finally, in Augmented Reality, the person to watch has for years been Raouli at @Augmented but the newest up and comer is Nicoleta Notova.


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