SAP Case Study: Launching A Multi-Million Dollar Campaign


Prior to Trier and Company, SAP had no communications with its top-tier customers such as Coca-Cola, Bristol Meyers, etc. SAP wanted to engage in a partner program with a distinguished roster of top-tier customers ‘own’ the Premiere Customer Network.

SAP wanted to provide its own ‘branded’ social network (first of its kind) exclusively for CIO’s and CTO’s to communicate with one another about SAP’s products. To put SAP PCN on the map for driving ‘customer experience’.


  • Initiate PR and social media programs for customers to collaborate and innovate with each other – A major pillar and step change as most customers never thought about putting SAP in the mix of those kinds of discussions
  • Initiate CIO and CTO ‘chats’ to expedite SAP deployments
  • Launch SAP PCN ‘Ambassador’ program in collaboration with the customers. CIOs personally participated.
  • Highlight SAP PCN ‘Customer’ of the month throughout internal SAP worldwide
  • Deliver content marketing initiatives for PCN inclusive of newsletters, blogs and thought leadership bylines

The Results

SAP PCN ‘network’ was heralded as first of its kind in a new generation of social communications, initiating best practices for customer ‘success’ communications program. Nike, Pepsi-Cola and Ford Motor Company participated in global roll-out of SAP PCN network. Multiple media interviews leading up to the launch event, along with influential media members attending the launch in person (and more participating via live stream). SAP’s Premiere Customer Network rolled out globally to all SAP practices .