I noticed a recent post on Facebook asking if social media was a strategy or a tactic and it got me thinking about the hard questions that sit behind a communications strategy or indeed social media strategy.

We have recently been grappling with simplifying the development of a communications strategy down to its bare bones.

It is sometimes easy to lose track of the ultimate goal in amongst the bewildering array of channels (online and offline), tactics, and monitoring tools.

I am sure there are more than three, but if we can answer these three questions then we are 95% on our way to develop a campaign that changes perceptions about a product, service or company.  So here are the three questions:

  1. What conversation do you want to be associated with?
  2. What are the key conversations your customers care about?
  3. What are the most influential points (online or offline) of these conversations?

If we can answer these then everything else flows from them. The secret is knowing how to get the answers! Again there is no right and wrong way of getting the answers, it is more about just using the best available tools and applying a logical approach.