Corporate Culture | San Francisco PR AgencyWhen I founded Trier and Company, I had some strong opinions about the kind of public relations firm that I imagined I would create. After much peer discussion and reflection, I committed to the core values of Imagination, Innovation, Commitment and Discovery.

How do you define success and how do you celebrate it? What is the social contract between team members day to day and how does that foster a team of enthusiastic ambassadors? What is the alignment or difference between what you say and what you do? How do you instill a sense of trust and dedication among the team?

After a decade of listening and learning – I’ve come to understand that corporate PR culture is not something that can be mandated. It’s not something that I can tell the Trier team about. It’s not something that a weekend ‘retreat’ at a spa can instill. It’s not an afternoon spent drawing on a white board.

In my mind – it’s diversity. It’s about all the amazing traits that everyone brings to Trier and Company. From the team members to the clients. From the family member (two and four-legged) to the weekly delivery guy who brings us pizza. In sum – corporate culture is the awesome configuration of each and everyone’s attitude.

Corporate culture in my opinion is about how the folks at Trier and Company choose to behave. How they choose to look at things. How they choose to operate. And, how they bring those thoughts to the table. Valerie loves to giggle and that’s her culture. Alicia likes to debate and that’s her culture. Maggie likes to quote famous people and that’s her culture. Damian likes to smile and make everyone feel good – that’s his culture. I like to live in a world of deadlines and that’s my culture. Dana likes to get to the bottom-line of a conversation and that’s her culture.

As we celebrate what will most likely be a banner year Trier and Company with 50 percent revenue growth, we’re examining our culture and committing to each other to make Trier and Company a diverse and supportive technology PR firm that delivers top-notch PR campaigns designed to affect business results. And if words could explain and describe our corporate culture, take a peek.


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