Whats New in PR for Technology Startups

  1. Visuals are no longer a “nice-to-have.”
    Facebook posts that include a photo or video get 50% higher engagement than those posts without visuals. A press release with multimedia gets 9.7 times more views than a press release without. The majority of editors require some kind of visual for every online article. Visual content is a HUGE opportunity in PR for technology startups.
  2. Situational Awareness.
    It’s not enough to know your company’s product or service. For every company you represent, you must know competitors, industry, and how that company fits into the larger story. This is where the value lies – make those larger connections.
  3. When it comes to headlines, short is sweet.
    To optimize SEO, headlines should be 65 characters or less and subheads should be under 125. This count includes spaces. If the headline is too long, it will appear truncated in Web search results.
  4. Identify keywords before you write your press release.
    Google has free keyword and trends search tools that help identify the most searched words. Identify keywords that are most relevant for your topic and seed those throughout your release – less than 20% of releases are currently optimized for SEO so you’ll have a leg up on the competition.
  5. Where’s your call to action?
    Whether it’s a pitch, press release, or the design of your website, the call to action should be the first thing the viewer sees. Clearly state what your goal is for the reader and provide a solution on how to achieve it.
  6. Engage. PR is all about relationships.
    It’s not enough to just have social media channels. Delete old or inactive accounts, revisit your (and your client’s) social media strategy, and be sure to reward and recognize fans. After all, the biggest fans can be the best brand ambassadors.


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