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GreenButton enables application software to process complex high performance computing (HPC) tasks on the Dell vCloud instead of local hardware, enabling scalability and computing power for the masses at a reasonable cost.


The Challenge:

High performance computing requires access to sophisticated and expensive hardware to support incredibly fast and complex data analysis. Availability of this hardware is limited to large, well funded organizations or research labs, and even within these organizations, access is difficult to obtain because usage needs typically outweigh capacity. As with any limited resource, basic supply and demand economics take hold and only a few have access. The ongoing revolution of cloud computing is removing the barrier of resource limitation and instead is offering the world an unlimited supply of computing power via the Internet via private, public and hybrid clouds. This newly available supply of computing resources is open to a new generation of customers who previously were unable to obtain the compute cycles at a reasonable cost. However, existing HPC applications are not designed to run in a cloud environment and can be a barrier to mass adoption of HPC.

The Strategy:

The GreenButton founders saw the clear need for HPC application migration to the cloud and have created a simple, easy-to-use solution for customers and software developers to do just that. With a software development kit, software companies are able to embed the GreenButton technology directly within their existing application environment with limited coding and no overall structural changes to the application. GreenButton simply moves the HPC workload to a cloud environment for processing rather than the local machine. In addition, GreenButton’s patented job forecasting algorithm allows customers to choose from three options when submitting an HPC workload to the cloud based on the time and cost required to complete the task. For example, a submitted workload can be completed in seconds, minutes or hours depending on the amount of money a customer is willing to pay to process the workload. This variable selection model leverages previous workload data to provide customers the exact amount of time and cost for a given job, thereby guaranteeing greater flexibility.
  • Introduced New Zealand company and its leadership team to U.S. Venture Capital Community and target enterprise audience
  • Positioned GreenButton as the SaaS Cloud provider to vertical markets (automotive, oil and gas, media) for high-performance cloud computing. The company specialized in moving independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprises to cloud computing
  • Developed messaging that would resonate in target markets across the high-performance cloud market
  • Developed lead generation campaigns targeted at enterprise companies through Paid, Earned, Shared and Organic content
  • Introduced Green Button to Series A and Series B VC partners
  • Penetrated targeted vertical markets to branch out efforts to show market leadership
  • Initiated PR and analyst relations program globally (Three Waves and Four ‘To Watch’ analyst reports.)
  • Consistent coverage by top-tier trade press: (ZDNet, IT Business Edge, HPC in the Cloud, and IT Software Community)
  • Increased inquiries by 542 percent to apply analyst insight and ensure product direction aligns with market trends
  • Speaking keynotes at: Cloud Expo, Siggraph, NAB, Reinvent: AWS Summit,, etc.
  • Partner evangelization –RenderMan on Demand (resulted in NPR story), Dell, Microsoft, Pixar and Numerix
  • NY Times profile on GreenButton and CEO

The Results:

This powerful solution revolutionizes the industry by enabling HPC access to anyone with an Internet connection and GreenButton-enabled application. No longer is HPC the domain of large corporations or research labs; now entrepreneurs, students, and technologists can operate highly optimized HPC applications at a nominal charge, thereby opening up the floodgates for new innovation. The combination of Dell vCloud and GreenButton is a game changer for the future for a variety of industries such as film, oil and gas, healthcare, manufacturing and financial services. Green Button was acquired by Microsoft

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