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Establishing Industry Dominance in Security Validation

INDUSTRY: Security

The Challenge:

  • Mandiant (formerly Verodin, now a FireEye company) is the pioneer of security validation through a framework that continuously automates security effectiveness testing and measurement -- yet the company had very little brand recognition among security and IT leaders.
  • The company wanted to re-define ‘security validation’ by establishing the fundamental components based on its own framework, and demonstrate the limited capabilities and lack of business value in competitive products.
  • It was also important to broaden the narrative to reach C-level executives with a business message proving the impact of security risk on an organization’s financial position and brand reputation.

The Strategy:

  • Develop a messaging architecture targeted to both IT and business leaders and decision-makers; build an editorial calendar to support important narratives.
  • Leverage SMEs within the company -both from a technology and business standpoint -to secure media coverage in key security, business and vertical industry publications, maximizing the link between security validation to relevant trends such as cloud, digital transformation and election security.
  • Execute on a thought leadership program for placement of earned and sponsored content in media targets, as well as podcast interviews.
  • Leverage insights and data from the company’s Behavioral Research Team to create an annual Security Effectiveness Report and share the findings with journalists to prove the need for security effectiveness measurement across industries.

The Results:

Over the course of one year, Mandiant media coverage, podcast interviews and POV content shifted the security validation conversation to take a more holistic organizational focus, demonstrate the value of security validation to the entire business and demonstrate the company’s industry leadership. These efforts also resulted in numerous product and company awards, such as the prestigious Black Unicorn Award, Fortress Award and Cybersecurity ExcellenceAward.

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