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Creating a Public Relations, Content Marketing and Social Media Strategy to Establish Digital Transformation Market Leadership in Vertical Markets: Banking, FinTech and Retail

INDUSTRY: Digital Transformation

The Challenge:

Brillo is an IT services and consulting company focused on digital transformation. When the company launched it was dubbed the ‘$100 million startup’. With a workforce of 2,000 employees and a strong corporate presence in India, Brillo had yet to establish its presence in the U.S. The company had numerous service organizations with both a vertical and horizontal focus. While clients were numerous, case studies were without brand recognition. The challenge was to launch Brillo in the U.S. with a high level of market dominance and to create momentum in order to raise the level of awareness to match its more established competitors.

The Strategy:

Brillio’s launch in the U.S. hinged on an integrated marketing approach. with message development and public relations leading the way. Acting as Brillio’s global PR and marketing team, Trier developed a brand strategy, PR and content marketing strategy focusing education, POV content and thought leadership articles. The Trier team developed a fully integrated launch and post-launch strategy that comprised media relations, creative content, social media and paid media tactics. We went to work refining Brillio’s messaging for a US market. We delivered corporate messaging architecture and then, branding strategy focused on digital transformation for the numerous business units inclusive of Cloud, Data, IT Automation and Analytics in multiple vertical markets. We delivered POV and thought leadership content for both Brillio’s website and external publications. We created a strategic content partnership with Wired Magazine resulting in monthly POV articles penned by Brillio’s executives. We raised industry specific awareness, we generated buzz and we educated CMO’s and CIO’s about Brillio’s digital transformation services. We drove leads through dedicated inbound marketing campaigns. Trier’s social media practice developed a B2B social media strategy for Brillo inclusive of multiple social channels and interactive social campaigns. We raised the voices of the global employees to become social advocates. In less than six months from the onset of working with Trier, Brillio’s Facebook ‘likes’ increased to 14,000; LinkedIn followers numbers over 20,000.

The Results:

With an integrated marketing approach, focused on PR, content marketing, social media and inbound marketing, Brillo has been able to accelerate momentum on multiple levels: PR, lead generation, thought leadership and increased revenues. Trier helped improve organic search traffic to Brillo and Brillo/Insights, increase first-page Google search rankings for top keywords, and provided strategic counsel for both content marketing and social media marketing programs.

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