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Introduce Capgemini to North America - the company, the experts, the technology and the worldwide roll out of EXPERTS CONNECT.

INDUSTRY: Digital Transformation

The Challenge:

  • As a global organization with more than 5,000 consultants worldwide, Capgemini had little to no presence in the media and and relatively little share of voice against competitors. As a French-owned company, Capgemini’s presence in North America was non-existent.
  • Capgemini needed to remove the stigma of being an ‘outsourcing’ company with offshore operations.
  • Capgemini was acquiring talent/technologies at a rapid pace.

The Strategy:

  • Develop brand strategy for the new  Capgemini
  • Initiate PR and POV content programs for Capgemini’s leadership team(s). Introduce Capgemini to NorthAmerica.
  • Launch globally the ‘EXPERTS CONNECT’ website focusing on Cap’s consultants, practice chairs and develop of voice in selected verticals.
  • Through contributed articles, POV and influencer outreach, highlight Capgemini’s ‘Customer’ of the month. Touting Cloud and BPM product innovation.
  • Working in tandem with Capgemini’s multiple global PR agencies - develop a series of product launches across regions, industries to showcase innovation.

The Results:

In the course of 6-8 months, Capgemini was heralded as first of its kind in a new generation of onshore/offshore consulting firms. We initiated process for Experts Connect and best practices for customer ‘success’ communications programs. Taking on thought leadership conversations around digital transformation before Accenture or Cognizant, Capgemini secured major media coverage and keynotes at appropriate venues. In North America, we launched the new look and feel of Capgemini among journalists, analysts and influencers, both through print and social channels.

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