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Trier planned to reposition Socialbakers as a thought leader and right hand to brand marketers in the UK and beyond.

INDUSTRY: Digital Transformation

The Challenge:

  • To drive brand awareness in the UK market, Socialbakers selected Trier.
  • In our first year, we harnessed the power of Socialbakers' proprietary social media data to triple their media coverage, sharing fresh insights and never-before-seen statistics with journalists to shape the company’s stories.
  • However, the company's vision and strategy were misaligned. Together, we embarked on a journey to shift the market perception that they were purely a social media analytics provider -to position them as a unified social media marketing platform to support CMOs and Marketing Departments.
  • Trier planned to reposition Socialbakers as a thought leader and right hand to brand marketers in the UK and beyond.

The Strategy:

  • We hit the ground running, accompanying every piece of data with commentary from Socialbakers' CEO, focused on engaging CMOs and Marketing VPs with our advice-led content. We leveraged Trends Reports, packed full of Socialbakers data and strong thought leadership, which made headlines across the marketing and national media and accelerated lead-gen efforts on their website.
  • We also positioned the CEO as an industry expert on breaking news stories -from Facebook's quarterly results to the rise of TikTok, the changing role of the CMO, and tackling misinformation on Twitter. Every comment or article was supported by thought-provoking data points, giving journalists everything they needed for a strong story.
  • This led to more than 150 pieces of coverage in a year, including exclusive interviews on BBC News, CNBC, and Sky News, with commentary and data appearing regularly in The Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, The Guardian, The Independent. The Drum, Marketing Week, and Campaign, to name a few.
  • More than that, we succeeded in creating a press office where journalists approach us, hunting for new data-driven insights and opinions from the CEO, and give us a call when they need help bringing a story to life.

The Results:

  • Increase in thought leadership coverage by 1100% over the course of a year, securing regular interviews, articles, and commentary from their CEO in BBC News, CMO Magazine, The Financial Times, The Telegraph, Sky News, The Drum, Marketing Week, and more.
  • Increased media coverage by 300% within the first year.
  • Increased national coverage by 10% during the COVID-19 pandemic, by cutting through the noise with relevant thought leadership angles and strong data, advising CMOs and marketers on how to cope with the pressures.

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